…to the Blackmore Vale Clinic of Homeopathy

My name is Carole and I have been a qualified homeopath and member of the Society of Homeopaths for over 25 years.  I have a successful record in treating all types of illness and all ages of people and I am pleased to say that my practice has grows  through recommendations from healthy patients.
Because people visit me from all over England for homeopathic treatment  I now offer Skype or Facetime consultations for those who are unable to make a long journey or who live abroad.

  “My mission is to provide a complementary health clinic which combines a committed professional approach with support and friendliness. I offer homeopathic consultations for all ages,  ranging from babies and children to adolescents and adults. ” Carole.


Have a look inside my pages and find out about Homeopathy and what it has to offer and the many areas of health that it can work with. Take this opportunity to view  options, ask questions and make choices about your health and healing. Don’t hesitate to telephone or email me.

Homeopathy with its holistic philosophy offers you  an alternative  choice from conventional medicine.  It works in the opposite way it treats you not your symptoms.
  •    Health is not just the absence of illness, it is also freedom from pain and a state of well being and calm.
  •     Your health is your greatest asset. Look after your greatest asset.
  • Do you know what it feels like when the doctor says; “you’ll just have to live with it?” 
  • Often this is a collection of symptoms and its you that needs treating not the symptoms alone.
  • These symptoms are very important to homeopaths. Homeopathy is holistic.  You are an individual and we take care of the whole of you. 

I am also a counsellor and healer and teach mindfulness meditation. I find that this supports your homeopathic treatment beautifully.


I work from my home the Blackmore Vale Clinic. It is in a beautiful setting  in the heart of North Dorset, on the borders of Wiltshire and Somerset, overlooking the Blackmore Vale and just outside the ancient market town of Shaftesbury.

Do read my article on homeopathy…….. in a nutshell 


Feel free to call me for initial advice on whether I can help you 01747 853766. I look forward to seeing you and your family as patients.


A patients’ story: Recently I was suffering with a dreadful cold and deep barking cough,. I had a fever and was coughing constantly and in a lot of pain with the cough. I was due for an operation in day surgery the following week and had booked an appointment at the surgery with the nurse to make sure the chest was OK to go under anaesthetic. I was too ill to go to the surgery and asked Carole for a home visit and she had a cancellation so was here within an hour. A remedy was prescribed for pleurisy. She checked me regularly and repeated  the remedy accordingly as symptoms developed and changed. In the meantime the nurse paid a visit diagnosed pleurisy and left a presription for antibiotics. By this time I was improving on the remedy and I discussed the antibiotics with Carole and decided not to take them.  A week later I received a letter from the docor saying that the strain of bacteria I had was resistant to the antibiotic prescribed and enclosing ANOTHER prescription for a different one. Needless to say, I didn’t take that either. Last week I was checked over at the surgery in preparation for the operation and was declared 99% fit.  A slight cough is all I have left and the operation will go ahead this time. Thanks Carole and Homeopathy. I should add that I am 73!