Healing – Reiki and Spiritual

The healing experience

Your healing experience will be unique to you. As running water smoothes the edges of jagged rocks healing flows to areas of need soothing the pain and supporting the body?s natural ability to heal itself. If you are in acute pain, such as a headache or injury, it helps quickly as the dynamic response is equal to the pain. In long term chronic conditions it will work on a more subtle level related to your emotional responses. Healing leads to a deeper spiritual understanding and awareness.

It is primarily perceived as a method of healing the body but it is also a method for healing the mind and spirit. Ultimately it has the power to re unite the trinity of mind body spirit in their optimal state of harmony. It leads to more emotional strength and adaptability and although the physical symptom may still be there in some form your healing on an emotional level will help you cope with the physical symptom. Some people use healing regularly to ensure that they maintain a balance and are able to cope with stress in their everyday lives.


Reiki or Spiritual healing

I have been practising Reiki since 1995 and Spiritual Healing since 1998

Whether to use Spiritual Healing or Reiki is a personal choice for you as a patient. I can sometimes direct you in your choice but you will probably feel drawn to one or the other.

In essence healing energy is the same whatever method is chosen – however the experience may be different and you may prefer one or the other

Spiritual Healing

You do not have to be “spiritual” to receive Spiritual Healing.

Healing means “restore to health” and is a term that can be applied to all forms of natural healing. Most people go to a healer to receive help with a specific problem but all physical problems have an emotional psychological or spiritual root. For some people one healing will bring about a renewal of the patient but for others a series of gentle sessions will produce an improvement in health over a period of time.

There are no known side effects from healing and all the patient is requested to do is to sit on a chair or lie on a couch fully clothed and relax. At first I tune in and ensure that I am ready to channel the energy then I work at first with my hands away from the body down the seven chakras in order to balance them before I begin a hands on healing down each side of the body.

Hands channel energy into the patients energy fields. Common sensations while receiving healing are tingling, vibrations, heat or coldness and a great and a great sense of peace and relaxation. Patients also frequently see colours or feel that the sun is shining.


Reiki ( pronounced Ray –  key) is a Japanese word meaning universal Life Energy, an energy which is all around us and which creates sustains and nurtures all living things.

Reiki is the name given to an ancient Tibetan system of natural healing. The practice of Reiki focuses energy though the hands of the practitioner to where it is needed. Dr. Mikao Usui, who lived in Japan in the last century. developed this healing system from the ancient Buddhist teachings. This is why it us frequently called the Usui system of Reiki healing. He spent the rest of his life practising and teaching Reiki. Today Reiki continues to be taught by Reiki Masters who have trained in the tradition passsed down from Master to student. There is no belief system attached to Reiki anyone can receive or learn to give a Reiki treatment, the only pre- requisite is the desire to be healed.

In Reiki I tune in to the universal energy using a series of special symbols During Reiki I place my hands in a sequence of positions which cover areas of the body, the energy centres and major organs. If you have a specific problem more energy will be directed to that area and I may spend more time on that area or may focus on another area which is connected. You may find during Reiki that my hands feel very hot or very cold in different places, you may experience tingling and a sense of heightened awareness of your body.

In all forms of healing patients may sense that the practitioner has several pairs of hands all working together on the body.

Reiki supports all forms of treatment both alternative and orthodox.

The Reiki Spiritual Principles

Just for today
do not worry
Just for today
do not anger
Honour your parents
teachers and elders
Earn your living honestly
Show gratitude for everything.

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