New Textbooks:

Spectrum of Homeopathy (Narayana) – Elements of life volume – (German Edition) £10 plus postage £3.25

Excellent issue on the four elements from the big bang to the emergence of homo sapiens – articles on Hydrogen, Aqua Marina Row s 1&2 as stages in the processs of development Acidums, carbon, diamond, and more.

New Self help:

“Homeopathy simple remedies for natural health” Robin Hayfield £3.99
Homeopathy for common ailments” Robin Hayfield £7.99
A practical beautifully illustrated guide for treating children and using homeopathy for first aid.

Homeopathy A-Z” Dana Ullman M.P.H. £7.99
Dana Ullman brings you a comprenhesive, user friendly guide that show you how to use homeopathy to help heal commmon ailments. Conditions from allergies to warts are discussed along with the key remedies to consider for each one.

As new

Practical Homeopathy  Hardback. A beginners guide. Sylvia Treacher £6.99 Excellent book well illustrated easy to read and use.  

Second Hand: Textbooks


“Medicine of the New Man” George Vithoulkas £9

“The principles and art of cure by Homeopathy” Herbert A Roberts £4.00

“Drainage in Homeopathy” Dr E A Maury  £2.00

Second hand: Self Help

Phyllis Speight bundle of three books: £6 plus £3.25 P&P

Homeopathic remedies for children.
Homeopathic remedies for women’s ailments.
Homeopathy a home prescriber.

Miranda Castro’s Homeopathic guides:
Stress £4.50 Good
The complete homeopathic handbook:
Miranda Castro £6.50 Excellent
Homeopathy Heart and Soul:
Treatment for emotional problems. Dr Keith Souter. £3.50
The barefoot homeopath:
Health care for the whole person. Madeleine Garland and Glen Finn £3.50
Family encyclopaedia of Homeopathic Medicine.
Eric Meyer £5.00
A different way of Treating Common Ailments . Michel Aubin and Philippe Picard £3.00
A Guide to Homeopathic remedies.
A complete modern handbook for home use.  Paul Houghton £3.00
“The A_Z of Homeopathy” Dr Trevor Cook £3.00 (excellent)

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