Healing is working with energy, communicating between life story and life energy in order to strengthen the life force.

We are beings of energy. Our life force is energy and we like every living thing have an energy force around us the “aura” and within us the “chakras”.

When these energy fields are not in harmony we become ill.  Our flow of energy is blocked.

Healing will help restore the fields and recreate the harmonious flow that enables us to continue our lives. It can also help us recognise our life’s purpose through understanding our illness.

Healing can be given anywhere at any time

The healer is a channel,  drawing the energy stimulated by the need or imbalance in the person.

The energy used is spiritual energy or in other words energy in its highest form which will bring about the greatest good to the one in need and those around them.

For more information on healing please contact me, Carole

on 01747 853766 or email carole@bvch.co.uk