If  you feel that life is stressful, meditation will help you to be calm and act appropriately.  When you are like this  you don’t cause yourself or others unnecessary stress. It is your personal journey of awareness and awakening to the reality of life. And there is no right and no wrong its is simply a path to follow.

In the group we practice insight or mindfulness meditation which follows the Buddhist tradition. It is not a form of religion, it is a path designed by the Buddha to lead us to a life free from suffering. A life lived with calmness and awareness of who we truly are.

Meditation is a method of training the mind. Much of our life is conducted unconsciously, and without thought awareness or focus.  We operate on automatic pilot most of the time, behaving in ways to which we have become accustomed; without much regard for the current situation, our motivation, or the outcome of our actions.

There are times when you may be totally engrossed in something you love doing, being in the “zone” and thats when you  are able to feel in touch with your true reality not bringing forward anything from the past. Life  is in the moment. Your mind is clear and uncluttered by a constant stream of thoughts. This is what we aim for in meditation.

The habitual way of living, of not being mindful or aware of ourselves or our feelings, brings discomfort  stress and illness into our own lives and to the relationships we have with others.  Consequently we actually engineer our suffering and deny ourselves the possibility of greater happiness.

We tend to react from memory, not from what is happening in the present, we react from the past  not from reality.

This way of living brings us much grief: not only are our relationships often tainted by all sorts of emotions such as anger, hurt and jealousy, but even our self-view is distorted; our perception comes from past experiences  and thinking is confused often by the way we are bombarded by life as it is today.
Living consciously is a way of changing our relationship to the world around us, and beginning a journey into discovering its (and our) true nature.

Meditation is a tool to help us develop greater awareness, and this awareness allows us to develop insight into the nature of reality.
Why do we behave the way we do? Who are we anyway? Why do so many things ultimately seem so disappointing and unsatisfactory? Why do beings suffer so much? Is there an end to suffering? Are we actually aware that we are suffering?
The experience of meditation allows us for the first time to develop the clarity that can facilitate a dramatic change in our perceptions and the way we live life.

We can begin to live in a way that is mindful. Life can be transformed by this new awareness and the insights it brings; it can become kinder, more compassionate, joyful, balanced and calm.
And you will begin to notice  those things which you perceive as stresses become absorbed into your life and they are stress no longer.

I find that regular meditation allows clarity to come through in your homeopathic consultation and helps with your healing process.


Useful books by Bhante Henepola Gunaratana are:
Mindfulness in Plain English and Eight Mindful Steps to Happiness