Penny’s Story

I have never really understood Homoeopathy, and how it works, its always been much easier to go to the Doctors.  Even having a sister who is a homoeopath. I expect you will think I am a bit biaised but if you read on you will see I am not.

About 6 or 7 weeks ago I realised I was beginning to have the symptoms of Cystitis, which I haven’t had in quite a long time. It came and went mildly for a few days then as usual I popped along to my Doctors and got the antibiotics.

It was a bad time for me as I have aged parents, my father has dementia and my mother struggles to look after him and the upkeep of quite a large house.  She leans on me a lot for support and can be quite difficult at times. I was feeling quite stressed and depressed with all that was happening, I don’t think I realised how stressed I was.  The Cystitis went, and then a few days later I started feeling nauseous, quite badly, also my stomach ached.  I already have a hiatus hernia and usually deal with it quite well, by watching my diet.  The nausea came and went, and whilst writing an email to my sister I told her how I was feeling.  I was beginning to get worried as I was due to fly out a couple of weeks later to the Caribbean for a lovely holiday.  My sister sent me a remedy and told me to take it before I went to bed.  I did as I was told, I woke up in the night feeling dreadful, really sick and unwell.  Next morning I rang my sister and she said “oh thats a great reaction, it’s really worked well”!  I was taken aback but it meant the remedy was working apparently.  She said to be patient as the nausea will come and go. It did for another week or so, and I was still worried.  But she said I would be fine for my holiday, and I was.

On my return I visited my parents and I could feel the stress happening again, within a few days, and once again the Cystitis came back.  I thought it strange and told my sister, she said she wished I had told her about the Cystitis the first time as she would have given me a remedy for it which would have completely rectified the problem and I wouldn’t have ended up with the terrible nausea. Basically the antibiotics just supressed the problem. I dissolved the same  remedy this time in water and sipped it on and off all day, by the following day the Cystitis had gone!

So there is my story about Homoeopathy, and my experience.  If you have any thoughts about trying it, give it a go, don’t just go to the Doctor.

Penny Haskins.