Arnica …..arnica……….. arnica

………………………………….. less is more


Well…………..I had a nasty fall last week clumsily tripping over a large can of masonry paint in the garage and falling headlong or actually kneelong and hand and wristlong  onto the concrete – it was pretty painful. Both my kneecaps immediately had large swellings the base of my right thumb, which landed on a bolt sticking up in the garage (holding up the front pillar)  turned purple and had a large swelling and I couldn’t move my little finger. In fact I could barely move at all!   My knees didn’t work.

So all in all I was quite shocked and shaky and it was pretty painful. And the meditation class were coming in about three quarters of an hour.

What to do ? Cancelling the class required too much effort.
So how could I be as comfortable and “compos mentis” as needed to take the class  and separate myself from the pain?

As some of you will know – I have become hypersensitive to remedies and ” prove” any remedy that I touch so although all the armchair homeopaths would tell me to take Arnica   I felt it wasn’t absolutely right for me to take much, if any. So I held a bottle of Arnica 12c for about 3 seconds and then left it in the corner in my offce for the energy to permeate.

I then found an ancient  bag of frozen sweetcorn in the bottom of  the  freezer and made a hot water bottle.
Then I tested the damaged parts…… what did they like?

My knees didn’t like heat I discovered,  and felt better numbed with the frozen corn applied,  and my wrist /thumb was agony with cold so I rested it on a hot water bottle.  Bliss!

And………… well…… something worked because I applied the hot and cold in those two places during  the meditation session and during the meditation session I felt the shock leave me, I was calm – still in pain but calm.


I took no more Arnica, just left it in my offfice for  a day then filed it away again.

Two days later all the bruising had come out, I could just about walk again and most importantly, for all concerned, I could  use the mouse!

Now a week later its all pretty much healed and no long lasting effects as far as I can see.


Moral of the story – this is three dimensional healing isnt it?

I had practical measures to heal, hot and cold  and healing on a spiritual level to put my shocked spirit  back into my battered body  and the spirit of Arnica in a very low potency to hold the whole thing together.
Arnica is often prescribed just simply on the fact that someone has had an injury or shock . Is it always appropriate?

How much arnica do we need ? Not very much it seems. How often is it prescribed unnecessarily? Frequently. As a placebo. What else can we do in a shock/injury situation?


NOTE: If you do use Arnica routinely don’t stop using it.  I knew what I was doing!