Bellis perennis

Bellis Perennis

Our remedies all made from natural substances which are pharmaceutically prepared.

Keynote Guide for Hayfever remedies

With flu like symptoms try :Gelsemium
Allergy to tree pollen/grass polllen : Try tree pollen/grass pollen
With itchy sore eyes: Euphrasia
With itchy eyes, sore streaming nose: Allium Cepa
Itchy palate ears throat: Wyethia
Itchy ears throat nose: Arundo
Acute sensitivity to smell of flowers :Sabadilla

Keynote guide for flu remedies –

Please note that if your symptoms persist you should consult your homeopath or doctor.

Gelsemium. (gels)
Weak, tired and aches throughout the body. Intense aching and muscular soreness. There is constant chilliness and the patient hugs the fire; the cough is hard and painful. There are paroxysms of sneezing with excoriating discharge, and dullness .
Eupatorium perfoliatum. (eup perf)
This remedy has much soreness and aching of the entire body; hoarseness and cough, with great soreness of the larynx and upper respiratory tract. Coryza with thirst. Drinking causes vomiting. The cough is a very shattering one, hurts the head and chest so that patient holds the chest with the hands. Pains are bone breaking.
Arsenicum. (ars)
Copious discharge , weakness anxiety and restlessness. Burning dryness and copious runny nose and eyes.
Bryonia. (bry)
When a person is very grumpy and feels miserable with the flu, wanting only to lie still and be left alone. Headache, muscle aches, and cough or stomach pain may be the major symptoms. Everything feels worse from even the slightest motion. The person?s mouth usually is dry, with a thirst for large cold drinks.
Rhus toxicodendron. (rhus-t)
Influenza, with severe aching in all the bones, sneezing and coughing. The cough is worse evenings and is caused by a tickling behind the upper part of the sternum. There is much exhaustion and depression. Aching pains and nightly restlessness are keynotes symptoms.
Veratrum album (veratr)
Complete prostration; collapse. Cold perspiration on the forehead  with nearly all complaints. Thirst: intense, unquenchable, for large quantities of very cold water and acid drinks; wants everything cold. Diarrhoea: frequent, greenish, watery, gushing: mixed with flakes: cutting colic, with cramps commencing in hands and feet and spreading all over; prostrating, after fright; < least movement; with vomiting, cold sweat on forehead during and prostration after. Vomiting: excessive with nausea and great prostration.

Keynote guide for remedies for emotion and stress –

Please note that these symptoms on their own are not enough to safely prescribe on. Please refer to the remedy information sheet or your homeopathic books for further information

  • House move:
    Kali Phos – stress nervous exhaustion
    Arsenicum – restless with anxiety
    Arnica – physical exhaustion
  • Shock
    Aconite – fear fright thinks will die
    Arnica – doesn’t want to be touched
  • Disappointment:
    Ignatia – weeping and sighing hysterica
    Ignatia, Phos Ac – from loss
    Staphysagria – with anger and feeling insulted
    Nux Vomica – business loss with irritability
    Gelsemium – tries to avoid it, but great nervousness
  • Redundancy:
    Arnica, Ignatia – with shock
    Nat Mur, Ignatia – sadness
    Pulsatilla – with weeping
    Nat Mur, Aurum with depression
  • Relationship break up:
    Ignatia – inconsolable
    Arnica – shock
    Pulsatilla – feeling abandoned angry weepy
  • Bereavement:
    Ignatia – with sobbing and sighing
    Staphysagria – with anger, suppressed
    Nat Mur – if it happened a long time ago

Self and Home Prescribing and Dosage

For acute conditions only. i.e. ones that come on suddenly, tummy upsets, colds flu, sudden emotions, strains and sprains.

Look for the most outstanding symptoms particularly mental or emotional ones e.g. weepiness, anger or irritability notably if they are out of character coupled with the physical symptom you want to treat.

Choose the remedy that has the most symptoms especially where the emotional symptoms fit.

If using a 6c dose one granule or tablet take one dose every 15 minutes for 3 doses  if improvement starts then continue hourly for three doses then two hourly for three doses ? if symptoms are still there but much milder continue the next days for 3-4 doses as long as improvement is there continue the remedy until you are better. If the symptoms get worse for a while stop the remedy and wait until they improve or abate.

If using a 30c remedy take 3 doses over one day then wait. If improvement ceases then repeat the remedy. If improvement does not continue then consult your homoeopath.

If there is no improvement then it is not the right remedy. If other symptoms occur stop the remedy and wait. Then if necessary consult your homoeopath.

For more information please request my remedies information document.

Keynotes for Self Prescribing

If you have a remedy kit or wish to prescribe acutely for yourself or your family ensure you follow the guidelines above for dosage and check out the remedy keynotes below before prescribing.

Please remember that self prescribing is useful for acute illnesses but if your symptoms persist consult your homoeopath to ensure your symptoms do not become chronic and long – lasting.