Homeopathy ………in a nutshell

How homeopathy really works part 1 (see part 2 )

If you’re reading this article the chances are that you have some idea of what homeopathy is about and how it works.

But there may be some of you who have no idea but would really like to know the basics so here they are…………

  • Homeopathy is a system of alternative medicine which extracts natural substances from the three kingdoms.
    Animal (often the milk) plant and mineral and uses them in a specially prepared way as remedies.
  • After preparation these remedies have no trace of the original substance in them but they have the character or “energy” of the substance.
    Each plant, animal or mineral has a different essence or character as we all do.
  • The aim of homeopathy is to match a remedy with your character. When the energy of the remedy is matched properly with your energy it stimulates your body to get back to a normal healthy balance.
    After all, illness is simply your body trying to get back to balance but not having the energy. So what could be better than taking a dose of energy to get back to normal?

When a patient comes to me with depression he or she often thinks the remedy prescribed is a depression remedy but remedies are not specific to illnesses they are specific to people. In homeopathy we look at you suffering with …..say your headache or depression and the remedy is prescribed for that complete picture. For example if both you and I had a headache we could both take an aspirin for the pain but we would both take a different remedy.

Homeopathy can at times have quite miraculous results within a week but on average it takes a few months to get a good result because getting better is a process that takes time.
However whatever your problem it is likely that homeopathy will help you over time.

Homeopathy is very good for women’s problems –  hormonal imbalances can be helped with homeopathy.
Children also respond well to homeopathy because they are generally more vital than adults.
Men often come with a physical symptom that reflects work or relationship problems and when untangled boils down to their individual responses to stress situations.

So with homeopathic treatment the key is we are treating “you” not your illness or unhappiness and when you receive a remedy truly homeopathic to “you” you will be pleasantly surprised with the result.

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