Mavis’s story

Recently I was suffering with a dreadful cold and deep barking cough. I was coughing constantly and in a lot of pain with the cough. I was due for an operation in day surgery the following week and had booked an appointment at the surgery with the nurse practitioner to make sure the chest was OK to go under anaesthetic. I was too ill to go to the surgery and asked Carole for a home visit and she had a cancellation so was there within an hour. A remedy was prescribed for pleurisy. She checked on me regularly and changed the remedy accordingly as symptoms developed. In the meantime, the nurse practitioner paid a visit, diagnosed pleurisy and left a prescription for antibiotics. By this time I was improving on the remedy and I discussed the antibiotics with Carole and decided not to take them. A week after I received a letter saying that the strain of bacteria I had was resistant to the antibiotic prescribed and enclosing ANOTHER prescription for a different one. Needless to say, I didn’t take that either. Last week I was checked over at the surgery in preparation for the operation and was declared 99% fit. A slight cough is all I have left and it will go ahead this time..

Thanks Carole and homoeopathy – I should add that I am 73.