More about Homeopathy

Gentle yet profound in its action homoeopathy helps you cope with the stresses and strains of everyday life.

  • Homeopathy is a safe natural system of medicine. It works by gently stimulating the immune system to heal the whole body, because it is the person who needs treating, not the disease. Homoeopaths understand that the symptoms of illness are the body’s natural efforts to heal itself and get back to balance reflecting an inner struggle.
  • Homeopathy takes a “holistic” approach; or has a  wider view by  treating the whole  person not just the symptoms of the illness. It can also look at how the symptom translates into an emotion e.g. ” he’s a pain in the neck”
  • Homeopathy recognises that most physical symptoms are of emotional origin; for example if we are embarrassed we blush, this physical symptom is a direct result of how we feel.
  • Homoeopathy treats diseases without side effects; including Hayfever, eczema, asthma, IBS, menopausal and hormonal problems, period pain, depression, anxiety hyperactivity in children. These are often chronic complaints. Homoeopathy can also treat acute illnesses such as coughs, flu, indigestion, headaches, chicken pox, diarrhoea and vomiting and earache.

Whether your problem is mentally, emotionally or physically based, homoeopathy can help because it deals with the cause of the problem in you, not just your symptoms. The symptoms that you feel are the body’s attempt to restore balance, to feel better.

The dynamic action of homoeopathic remedies not only, relieves symptoms and increases your energy, but helps you understand your problems or illnesses. In this way you are then free to participate in your own cure and take responsibility for your own health.

Homoeopathy sees you as a whole person and respects you. Homoeopathy looks at the cause not the effect. The dis – ease within the person not the disease within the body.

A physical complaint often follows mental or emotional distress so we treat this as being part of the symptom. There is often an unequalled sense of well -being after taking a remedy. Some describe it as a “sense of calm” others as “tremendous energy” or as though a “great weight had been lifted.”

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Are all made from natural substances which are pharmaceutically prepared. This process is called potentisation. It is common, and a good sign, if after taking the remedy a reaction occurs. This may be in the form of a discharge, either physical or emotional, an outburst of energy or the opposite, a deep sleep or active dreams.