Supervision is an opportunity to:

  • explore the way you work with your patients
  • explore your experiences during consultations and how this impacts on your prescription
  • explore your cases from a wider viewpoint
  • enhance your practice
  • and benefit your patients.

The supervisors role…

  • To support the student in case studies both with case analysis and reflective process
  • To give feedback to candidates in the Registration Programme
  • To support the homeopath in difficult cases
  • Objectively reflect the process between patient and homeopath in stuck cases
  • To reflect patterns that occur enabling the supervisee to be more self aware
  • And to benefit from awareness of the dynamic state that exists between practitioner and patient.

I offer reflective supervision and support for…

  • Candidates through registration process
  • Continuing supervision for new colleagues
  • Students through their diploma
  • Colleagues in practice
  • Co-supervision
  • Triad work with the North Dorset Group of Homeopaths.

Successful supervision should make you

  • Feel at ease with the supervision  process.
  • Clarify your objectives in workling with patients.
  • Conceptualise and challenge how you have approached the patient with regards to homeopathy and case management.
  • Feel actively involved in the supervision process.
  • Feel that your supervisor can facilitate and accept feedback from you as the student.
  • Feel that the supervisor explains the criteria for any evaluation of your work and management of your patients.

Contact available

  • One to one supervision sessions.
  • Telephone supervision and support.
  • E-mail contact as needed.
  • On line supervision.


Will depend on where you are in your practice. For newly qualified homeopaths monthly may be required whilst setting up practice.   This gives you a formal time to reflect on all aspects of your practice and allows you to take action before problems arise.

More experienced homeopaths may find they need supervision when problems arise.

It is muted that with proposed changes within the SOH supervision may become CPD necessary as a member of the SOH.

Cost: £45 per hour for face to face or telephone supervision plus time required for reading cases, portfolio’s etc. for students.

I have completed the Society of Homeopaths Portfolio Programme and Mentoring and Supervision Courses run by the Society of Homeopaths.