Your Homeopathic Consultation

Your first consultation with me will take approximately one and a half hours.

In the consultation I want to know all about you.
Everything you say to me is important and has value.
I will ask some questions or direct you in a certain way just to help me understand more  so that I can prescribe the best possible homeopathic remedy for you.

Most patients find that the consultation is a great healer in itself.

There is usually a moment during the consultation when you realise what really hurts, deep down inside you.
Then your healing begins.  Your pain has been acknowledged and recognised.

Patients often say things like “you really made me think about me and what I really mean when I say that” or “I didn’t put two and two together until I realised it all started when my father died”

Surprisingly or maybe not some patients often change their lives after being treated homeopathically for their illnesses. They often feel liberated and fre e to make their own healthy choices not constricted by limiting situations such as  a job or a relationship.

As well as listening  to your story and your feelings which are  most important I may  ask about your reactions to various things.  For example your likes and dislikes, and your recurring  dreams are always important too. So although some of these questions may seem odd they help me build up a comprehensive picture of you to match your symptoms with a remedy.