Profile on Carole

I am a classical homoeopath, which means that I practice according to the original tradition of homoeopathy.

Originally I trained as an accountant however in late 1980’s after becoming ill I experienced the incredible healing powers of homeopathy and started training as a homeopath. I had been interested in natural medicine since I was a child and this seemed to fulfill all my needs.

I trained at the London College of Classical Homeopathy  and graduated in 1993 and have been practising full time ever since. Over the years I have seen and treated many hundreds of people.
During this time I have gained a wealth of experience and insight through homeopathy and other fields including counselling, mentoring and supervising. And I want to share this with you and others. Not only to help heal and educate  you about your life and illness but also to help the name of Homeopathy.

I am also a spiritual  and Reiki healer and have  practiced mindfulness meditation for the past 15 years.

My approach is gentle but tough. Homeopathy is gentle the process can be tough  and the results are rewarding, longlasting and deeply penetrate the essence of your existence.

Homeopathy is both a Science and an Art.  The Art is in actively listening to you and what you are saying the Science is in prescribing the remedy and having the knowledge.

I am passionate about homeopathy.
I  believe that life is too short to suffer.  Homeopathy offers you a choice.

My mission is  to help create a positive profile for homeopathy to shine a homeopathic beacon here in Dorset.

My Specialities:

  • Difficult problems that conventional medicine cannot help
  • Side effects from drugs.
  • Pain relief for physical and emotional problems.
  • Uncomfortable symptoms and no diagnosis
  • Emotional or “difficult” children
  • ADHD / ADD

I am a member of the Society of Homoeopaths, who can be contacted on 0845 450 6611