Usha’s story

Hi Carole

Just went on your website to get your address. Great website, very open and informative and clear and professional.
I clicked on patients stories…

I thought when I have time I can write something for you but then I would not know where to begin as we don’t really have stories as such, just life.

Both the girls have been brought up with homeopathy as part of their life and each ‘story’ would roll into another.

This was not a concious decision but ‘happened’ as R came to you with a bad ear infection as a tiny 3 month old baby and then unintentionally, and very subtly homeopathy has simply always ‘been there’ like a soft cushion to fall into as and when required. And sometimes, looking back, it has been a real life saver!

Really R, is now 14 and P, 11 and they do not know any different. I don’t think the girls even know they have a GP somewhere.
They’re not so keen to see you now they’re older – I think before they both used to come in and liked the toys (but then R hates shopping as well so don’t take it personally!), but as they are older now, they know how homeopathy works and crucially that it does work, and the girls do know when they feel they need a remedy they have that choice which is such a great choice for them as little individuals to be able to make.

The time between visiting you now seems longer and longer with many years spanning each visit. This I attribute to you matching the right remedies for us. The body and spirit then do the rest and life flows on.

If you want to use anything from us on your website then please do, if it helps to make people aware and be able to choose to allow homeopathy into their life and lifestyle then it is worthwhile.

If you think me writing something would help then let me know but I would just end up going on and on as we have so many years of using remedies for all sorts of first aid, big emotional stuff, physical ailments, little things such as ‘hangovers’ and the whole family including the cats, dogs, and horses………………………..

LOL U.S. x