Healthy Eating Vitamins and Minerals


There is no concrete proof that they have any benefit, except to the pockets of the vitamin supplement market. In fact overloading the body with synthetic vitamins in an attempt to make up for poor diet has been shown to be harmful.
Vitamins are an essential part of our diet and we now know that deficiency in certain vitamins leads to disease. However every single fruit vegetable grain nut and seed contains many thousands of vitamins all in their natural state in a form which can easily be used by the human body and all in exactly the right dose.
If you do need more vitamins its because you are not getting them in your diet therefore the best way to remedy the situation is not to take a synthetic pill but to meet the need with a healthy diet of foods which are full of vitamins and not processed.


The market is the same for minerals and they send the same message if you aren’t getting enough just pop a pill and you will be well!
You need to get as many minerals and vitamins from the foods you consume. It is easier for your body to absorb natural vitamins and minerals from foods rather than synthetic ones from pills. At times e.g. in iron deficiency a pill for a certain length of time is of benefit but overall you cannot beat the real thing. For your general health – healthy food, preferably organic, is the answer.
Minerals can only be taken onto the body in food, none can be manufactured by the body as can some vitamins.  So we must obtain all the minerals we need from food. Minerals are very stable but can be lost through cooking.
A good diet for optimum health means that remedies work much better as the body has more ability to react. And organic foods are even better.