Eric’s story

“Eric’s Story” 


Eric has asked me to write his story for him –
He came to me with depression following medical treatment for cancer of the bladder. He is an artist and could not “get himself together” enough to paint. With homeopathy he followed a steady improvement and during his treament he developed large hard swollen lymph nodes, one in his neck and one behind his ear. Naturally he was very worried by this, knowing that cancer can recur. So although the doctors suggested a dangerous operation to remove the one in his neck which could have resulted in paralysis he trusted in homeopathy and we treated him homeopathically. Miraculously, over a period of weeks, the glands went down, first on one side and then on the other. There is now no trace of them. The doctors treating the lymph nodes couldn’t explain it! The consultant urologist said of homeopathy “if it works thats fine”. Now Eric is a happy man and painting and having exhibitions again.

Note: Cancer treatment in itself is suppressive, although it can be lifesaving at the time does not cure the root of the problem or the tendency towards cancer and this is why cancers recur. However if homeopathy is used in conjunction with or after medical treatment it can substantially help to cure the person of his or her tendency to cancer.