“How does homeopathy work?” ………well …. perhaps “how” it works is less important than the fact that it does work!

The facts about homeopathy are well known:

  • Homeopathy is holistic it treats you not just your symptoms. It works with your body not against.
  • Homeopathy treats “like with like” for instance we know that when cutting an onion we experience symptoms of a runny nose and watery eyes; so a homoeopath will prescribe Allium Cepa onion, for these symptoms of a cold or hayfever.
  • It follows that in selecting a  “like” remedy the homeopath will search for a remedy that has symptoms most similar to your own including the type of person you are.
  • Homoeopathy works by stimulating the body’s own ability to throw off illness or to resist potential illness. Homoepathic remedies support the body’s efforts to heal itself. A fever is a good example, if you have a virus infection, the body will often produce a fever. This will kill off the infection.   In the past the ability to produce a rise in temperature was considered the sign of a healthy constitution. It still is in homeopathic circles.
  • There is often a “healing crisis” after taking a remedy. e.g.  A rise in temperature is usually suppressed these days Consequently colds and sore throats often drag on for weeks .
    What can happen after a homoeopathic remedy is that the body’s own immune system is stimulated enough to produce a temperature for a few hours and for your body to effectively heal itself.
    Another example might be that of a painful boil that lurks stubbornly under the skin looking red and angry. After a homoeopathic remedy the boil will often produce a head, discharge and heal.
  • Sometimes after taking a remedy there is no noticeable physical reaction, but you start to feel much better and your symptoms improve.





NOTE: Conventional medicine attacks the pathogens themselves by trying to suppress them or by eliminating them. Antibiotics, for example, may kill off friendly as well as harmful bacteria and are often prescribed for viral infections like colds and flu even though they are completely ineffective against viruses. Because repeated courses of antibiotics reduce your natural immunity, they leave you open to more infection which , homoeopaths, believe, can lead to a vicious cycle of frequent infection and deeper health problems.

The healthier you are, the more likely you are to stay healthy. Research has shown that only 25% of people exposed to a particular cold virus become infected and only 25% of these develop symptoms. Obviously the strength of your immune system plays a big part in determining if you will get a cold or not. If you find you are getting one acute illness after another it is worth going to see a qualified homoeopath who will be able to prescribe remedies to help you build up your resistance.