North Dorset Group of Homeopaths

This is our  mission statement:

a)To create a professional and competent image of this powerful and magical medicine by improving our knowledge and understanding.
b)To create a beacon of homeopathic light in this area
c)To provide a strong network in our locality of North Dorset

We normally have at least one topic to discuss maybe more. We all research the agreed topic and present our ideas or information to the rest of the group for discussion.

The topics are as diverse as Homeopathy and Spirituality,  the Sensation Method, the Masi method, Case analysis, Second Prescription, the  Kingdoms, the  Periodic Table, Philosophy.

No single method of case taking or prescribing dominates and I like to think that we have a sound  integrated approach to homeopathy with classical homeopathy as our foundation.

We offer supervision and use the triad method.

We meet on the third Wednesday morning each month at the Blackmore Vale Clinic.

If you feel this is the right group for you and you  would like to join us please feel free to contact me on 01747 853766 or