For the best results Homoeopathic treatment for hayfever should start the previous autumn with a visit to your homoeopath and then another visit when the season starts. If you haven’t already done this now is a good time to think about your hayfever treatment.

Homoeopathic Hayfever tips:

With flu like symptoms try: Gelsemium
Allergy to tree pollen/grass pollen try: Tree pollen/grass pollen
With itchy sore eyes, bland nasal discharge (the opposite to Allium Cepa) try: Euphrasia
With itchy eyes, sore streaming nose, (acrid discharge) try : Allium Cepa
Itchy palate ears throat try: Wyethia
Itchy ears throat nose try: Arundo
Acute sensitivity to smell of flowers try: Sabadilla
Acrid discharge from nose causing redness on top lip irritation and tingling in nose with constant desire to sneeze try: Arsenicum Iodatum


ThereĀ  are many more remedies appropriate for hayfever so if your selected remedy doesn’t work see your homeopath.

It is quite possible to completely eradicate the susceptibility to hayfever with a single homeopathic remedy if the picture is clear. This sometime happens as a by product of homeopathic treatment. People say to me that their hayfever has not come back or that it cleared completely when this may not have been the reason they came in the first place.

For those affected by pollen, allergy is seasonal, but for many people allergy is a 24/7 factor which affects the quality of their lives. And is not as straightforward as it is for hayfever sufferers. Although some people suffer with hayfever in the winter as an eczema type of skin complaint.