Listen to Dr Andrew Wakefield  talk about the vaccines.

This is information regarding vaccines for those parents who have not vaccinated or  are thinking about not vaccinating their children.




If we can take a deep breath in and first acknowledge that we have over whelming stress every day – then that’s the first step in awareness.

Once we are aware, then we can take powerful steps in managing it; easing it; eliminating it; and moving beyond it!!!

 When you find yourself in a stressful situation and you begin to feel overwhelmed or emotionally charged – BREATHE. You can shift the energy of the moment simply by activating your own vital energy.

Make a conscious effort to put some attention…some awareness on the simple act, which we can so easily take for granted. Our breath connects us to our body, slows the swirl of our mind, creates union with those around us, and brings us to the sacred, precious, present moment where we are whole, and pure, and perfect, and abundant, and infinite. We just need a gentle reminder.

For the best results Homoeopathic treatment for hayfever should start the previous autumn with a visit to your homoeopath and then another visit when the season starts. If you haven’t already done this now is a good time to think about your  hayfever treatment.

Homoeopathic Hayfever tips:

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How homeopathy really works

Homeopathy is a way of thinking and way of life for most homeopaths.

There are things I take for granted as being part of “homeopathy” and I’ve realised that to communicate this I need to explain it in a non homeopathic way. I wonder if this lack of proper explanation by homeopaths contributes to the confusion about and vilification of homeopathy.

There is one very important point which is incorrectly believed, a point that specifically undermines the concept of homeopathy.

Do you believe homeopathy is about the “homeopathic” remedies you can buy?

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